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Projects 2020

On behalf of the Club Committee, I am pleased to let Members know that our 2020 Improvement Projects are about to kick off, hopefully with a minimum of disruption to court usage. In short our plans are these:

1. To take up a new 25-year Lease from the Cholsey Parish Council (CPC) at a nominal rent, to include the grass strip alongside Court 1.

2. To enclose the strip by erecting fencing parallel to and inside the West End footpath hedge, with a new double-width gate at the northern end, and low level netting alongside Court 1.

3. After much consultation, and with CPC approval, to grub out the overgrown beech hedge and the damaged northern fence with it, and replace with new fencing. This fencing work should take place within the next 4-6 weeks, and will probably take three days. Also to replant a new softer native species hedge outside the new fencing. Screens will provide privacy until such hedge is mature.

4. To take out a couple of self-seeded trees in the south-western corner and by the old shed, to minimise debris on court, and to tidy up the corner and access path generally. This work will be carried out this coming weekend, 22/23 August. We will also plant a couple of new trees in the Recreation Ground, at CPC request.

5. To create a new spectating area on the grass strip, with seating and landscaping, in due course. Also to consider relocating a replacement storage shed in the southern corner of the strip.

6. To plan for repainting of the Courts and repair of minor damage to particular surface areas, thereby extending the lifespan of the Courts for another five years before major resurfacing will be required.

7. As a longer term project, to replace the existing 20 year old halogen lamps with LED floodlighting, for good ecological and economic reasons.

These projects have been facilitated by a Government grant of ยฃ10k, in addition to our existing Club reserves.

They also coincide with a remarkable surge in Club membership, and a wave of enthusiasm for the game at CTC, which is very good to see and to be a part of!

If you have any queries, please ask me or any member of the Committee. Kev Crawford is acting as the main Project Manager, with advice also from Damian Gange.

Adrian Hatt
Club Chairman.

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