UPDATED Important information about 2020 Membership and COVID-19 for Cholsey Tennis Club - Click for more info

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UPDATE 01/06/2020

Dear All,

By way of update to the guidelines issued on 13th May, we are pleased to confirm the following based on today’s LTA advice. Please refer to the latest advice from the LTA (herehttps://www.lta.org.uk/about-us/tennis-news/news-and-opinion/general-news/2020/march/coronavirus-covid-19---latest-advice/) and their updated advice for players for more detail.

From 1st June:

1) The Clubhouse and toilets will still remain closed for the time being, as a matter of safety, and difficulty of supervision.

2) Doubles play is now permitted by 4 members from different households, as well as singles. The guidelines allow groups of up to 6 (preferably over two pre-booked courts). Although there is no longer any need to initial balls, the Club recommends that players continue to bring their own can of balls and initial them. Please do remember to use the hand sanitizers after play.
Supervision of juniors is still preferred.

4) Court booking continues as before.

5) Membership fees (at the reduced figures on the website and on the form issued on 22/05) are due by 1st July at the latest. For the time being only existing or new members can play, but the Committee will be reviewing the question of guests.

6) Coaching of up to 5 players is possible, and the Committee are liaising with the Coaches as to the availability and management of this for members.

7) The Box Leagues will of course continue.

In addition, the Club Annual Tournaments will be launched.

Stay safe and stay active !

CTC Committee

Club’s website: http://www.cholseytennisclub.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cholseytennisclub/
Book a court at https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/CholseyTennisClub/Booking


Dear All

On behalf of CTC Committee, I am very pleased to confirm that the Courts will be available again for play from Wednesday 13th May, once recent debris has been cleared.

However, several important conditions will have to be observed, as follows:

1. Opening the Venue.
This can only be achieved if all members take full personal responsibility for their own safety, and with regard for others, in accordance with the well-known rules of social distancing and personal hygiene.
Whilst the Courts will be open, the Clubhouse will remain out of bounds. This means there will, for the time being, be no toilet or floodlight facilities.
Access through the two main gates will involve keypad use, as usual, with the 2019 code still being applicable. However, it is recommended that gloves are worn, and the keypad should be wiped after use. We will leave hand sanitiser near both entrances: please use them and please ensure that the gates are securely closed on departure.
The gate next to the hitting wall will remain closed for the time being.
The benches and tables on the patio should not be used. Hand sanitisers will be left outside the Clubhouse door: please use them.

2. Limited play.
There must be strict observance of the rules about the only two permitted types of play:
(1) Singles between two members.
(2) Doubles involving members from the same household.
Players must bring their own equipment, including balls, which should be initialled.
If two junior members are playing, they should be supervised by one adult, and no other spectators should enter the Club premises.
Nets should be left at standard height, to avoid use of winders.

3. Court booking.
It is strongly recommended that Courts should be pre-booked online, using the following ClubSpark link: https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/CholseyTennisClub/Booking
Those Courts pre-booked will take clear preference.

4. Membership Fees.
The Committee have resolved that 2020 Membership fees, otherwise due from 1st April, should be held in abeyance, given the limited access to Club facilities. This means that, for the time being, 2019 members will continue to have free use of the Courts, but no guests will be permitted.
This concession will be kept under review as circumstances change, and is possible because of a Government grant to assist Sports Clubs, which has been received.

5. Coaching.
This is permitted but only on a one to one basis, and in accordance with strict LTA rules as to ball handling, etc, so no group coaching is currently permissible.

6. Singles Box League play.
In order to encourage competitive play for adults and stronger juniors, the Club will be restarting the Singles box league. All results that have played so far will stand, but the box league will be opened up to new participants.

If you wish to enter the box league, and haven’t already done so, please add your name to the sign up sheet in the following link by the 31st May, and Sam will add you to a box.

Results should be entered using the attached link:

Matches for this round should be played by the 30th June, at which point a new box league round will start.

7. For more Information.
Please refer to advice and full guidelines for players and coaches on the LTA Website: https://www.lta.org.uk/coronavirus
We will also be keeping the situation under review.

We look forward to celebrating the full return to Club play, and will be arranging an American Tournament as soon as we are permitted to do so.

In the meantime, Staying Alert on court, feels rather better than Staying at Home!

CTC Committee